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Aros af Ryssgärdet

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Aros af Ryssgärdet 

SE*Aros af Ryssgärdet Cnut 

Aby a (blue) 

Date of birth: 10-26 -22

Sire: Albert av Skirixsal (NO) Aby o (sorrel)

Mother: Backilandets Hera von Ekontorp "SIGNE" Aby a (blue) 

Cnut just started his jpurney as a breedingmale awaiting his first felame. He is lovelly in color and coat. Great temper and proportions, lovelly ticking. We look forward to see offsprings in the future. 

Contact :

Owner: Sandra Svegeboe Malmoe/Uppsala 

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Aros af Ryssgärdet

SE*Aros af Ryssgärdet Assar

Aby n (ruddy)

Date of birth : 08-19-20

Sire: Aucuparia's Börje 

Mother: Backilandets Hera von Ekontorp "SIGNE"

Aby a (blue) 

Assar is a powerful male, great temperament and looks, Perfect  ticking. He is the proud father of Aros af Ryssgärdet Dakke (Please check previous litters) and awhaits more kittens as we speak due week 29 by our female " Svea"

Contact: Västerås 

Owner: Nikk, Braf & Sofie Ehnebom