Happy to present to you, our lovelly group of ladies.

Top left,  S* Tarjei´s Galactica "SIV" ABY n. Top right GIC S* Aros af Ryssgärdet Blenda ABY a. Bottom left we have SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Ester ABY p. In the middle to the left you´ll find SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Flora ABY n, and last but not least to the right in the middle  you´ll find S* Primuz- Zezam Fanzy "SVEA"

 To get to know our females a little bit better and form an idéa of ​​their personalitys etc, please klick below to get transfered to our instagram where you´ll find further presentation and everyday glimpses of happenings in our house.
You´ll allso find a short presentation below of every single one of these pretty ladies. Please scroll down and happy reading

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Aros af Ryssgärdet

Our active breeding females

These are our active females in breeding. A bit of closer presentation of the ladies down below, to let you in in their personalities a bit more. Ester and Flora will soon  stand a longside Blenda, Svea and Siv making the world a better place with cute and spunky little Abykittens. Soon we´ll great their first litters, so looking forward to it.

CH S* Tarjei´s Galactica
”SIV ”
Born 01-29-2020 Aby n (ruddy)

This little beauty caught my eye already as a little little kitten and fate was in our favour and made her eventually land in our home and heart and we are very happy about that.

"SIV" is a very cozy cat who comes galloping with the others immediately when you come home and she absolutly loves to cuddle snug in our arms.We call her our own little bat since she lillerally hangs like a bat from your shoulder close and verry snug.  Her fur is like velvet and her eyes shimmer in green. She loves to hang out in the kitchen while we are cooking and does not hesitate beeing up for a run or play. Siv is also a ball wizard like a footballers super pro, dribbles  at high speed, changes direction 🤩

Siv have had her fiirst two litters of beautiful kittens.

S* Zezam- Primuz Fanzy
Born 02-26 -2021 Aby o (sorrel)

Svea is a beautiful deep-red sorrel. Fur i s short dense and shiny. A happy cat that is near to play and mischief, but also very much into cuddles . She loves to hang on our arm two legs on each side and tag along wherever we go. Sees herself as the leader of the pac, however our matriarch "Signe" takes this matter calmly as she knows who the real boss is( in the most suttle way I might add). Svea likes to run rallyrace round the house. She loves to ride the the carpet if you pull it fast along the floor and it actually seems to be something that all our cats appriciate for that matter. Svea had her first litter june 14, a big litter of 6 beautiful ruddy and sorrel babies. Two of the males are soon to enter the world of breeding and the ruddy female Flora from this huge litter  we kept in our cattery to enter the catshow sceene and then bringing little once into the world. 

Svea  also likes to hang out with us in the bathroom and trying to steal the toothbrush and the waterjet. And catch flies in the conservatory with her fellow cat friends

GIC SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Blenda
Born 04-30 -2021 Aby a (blue)

Our very own breeding, our own cattery cat, that resembles her wounderful mother "SIGNE" very much. Early in life, this catlady showed what caliber she is. Wise, social and forward and a real "snuggler" she is. Beautiful in her lovelly blue "costume" and silky fur, she comes rushing to you as soon as she spots you and stands on her hind legs butting her head into your legs and purrs lika crazy just to let you know how much she loves you . A spunky girl who ravages well with the other females and contributes to many happy laughs. We set very high hope into this pretty little cat and lovet to see what the future holds. Proud to annonse that she landed 2022 Cat of the year BIV and 5th place over all breedingfemale

We look forward greeting her first litter early 2023.

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Aros af Ryssgärdet

Our active breeding females

SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Flora
Born 07-14 -2022 Aby n (ruddy)

Flora the pretty ruddy girl with a huge personality. She is so gacious and beautifyl, dark glossy dense fur with excellente ticking allready. Her temoer is fantastic, så much fun and brains she amazes us at times. A playful cat with heeps of energy inventing new ways of using stuff to play and have fun with. She i agile as few, jumping high up onto the cubboards making us humans hold our breath. We look forward entering this little lady into the catschow sceene 2023, thinking it will eventful reatining all of this energy but so much fun. We hope to get some fine results

SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Ester
Born 04-10 -2022 Aby p (fawn)

Ester is living with a blue lady, also from our cattery namned SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Clinta. Theese two are  having their time of their life in their new family. Roaming around in the great forrest in Härnösand, chasing mice and climbing trees. Theese ladies are doing very well in the catshows, behaving like the princesses they are. We look forward finding the perfect MR-handsome for this spunky athletic beautiful fawngirl and bring her first litter to the world midd 2023 

Aros af Ryssgärdet