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Aros af Ryssgärdet

A kitten/cat from Aros af ryssgärdet 

It is perfectly fine to register your interest in kitten / kittens with us. Please send us an email letting us know and wright a lillte bit abour your selves and we´ll get back to you.
You can have a look at planned litters and maybe you have selected a favorite female and decide you´d  love a kitten after her. For us it´s most important that  the right cat / cats should end up with the right,  because only then it will be the best.
When you and your cat have found eachother, we agree on the transfer date (the day when the kitten is old enough to survive and manage without its mother and siblings. We do not let the kittens go until they are 14 weeks of age, given that so much happens in their development during week 12- 14. The kitten really benefit staying with mum for that peride of time to becomme secure ang happy individuals. 

an Aroscat

When you become a proud ownner of an  Aroscat the kitten is:

  • Fully vaccinated

  • Rabies vaccinated


  • Healthcertificate(no older then 7 days)

  • Registered and pedegree SVERAK

  • 16 Weeks of age at least

  • Ensured

  • Well quipped for life, our cats are with us all the time growing up in the hous along side us: Theay are used to all end everyday events sounds and so on, just to make sure they are happy, sound and secure.



All our cats are parasite tested regularly (SVA`s large parasite package) The samples are sent for analysis to SVA (Statens Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt).

This is just to make sure that no cat spreads worms/ parasites.

New cats to our kattery are isolated from our cats in the begining in a sepereate hous in our lot until testresaults are back. Only then we intruduce them in the house.

The parent cats are tested and free from PRA and PK (You can learn more about this under our block HEALTH and BREEDING

Or klick button below to get to SVERAK healt for different breeds


Has got the finest of conditions for growing and to be able to develop  at the best, in  a clean, pleasant environment, lots of love, cuddle  and play. 

Our cats are served good quality of foods. mad from the finaes ingredients, On top of that they also get chicken wings, minced meat and chicken hearts.