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Aros af Ryssgärdet


This is where we display our breedingmales ,  Please do not hesitate to contakt us for more information 

Aros af Ryssgärdet

Kattförbundet SVERAK

Dakar Neshamah Sheli*UA

Aby n 

Dob: 31-03-2023

Sire: GIC UA*Sandy Li Quincy Aby o (sorrel))

Mother: Atacama Neshamah Sheli*UA Aby n (ruddy)

A welcome newcommer to our cattery. Lovelly gentle boy, adorable green eyes and the most admarable personality, Fur is short, shiny and dense. Lovelly groundcolour and even ticking. We look forward to bringing him into our breeding programme. A playful male great in size, long legs and tail. 

He will father litters in our breedingprograme and if iterest of mating please contact us


Aros af Ryssgärdet 

Kattförbundet SVERAK

CH SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet DAKKE

Aby n

Dob: 09-02-2022

Sire: SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet Assar Aby n (ruddy)

Mother: S* Tarjei´s Galactica "SIV" Aby n (ruddy)

A young promising male, doing super great on catshows.  Super temperament, very social, with beutifyl shiny coat and ticking. Lovelly green eyes.

Not many things can make Dakke on edge, he is super cool and adaptabel to everything, A great breedingmale that works perfectly fine as a showcat and a familymember at the same time as beeinbg fertile, Great skills to have. 

He lives with his family in Stockholm 

Contact/Owner Maria Gusfavsson