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Aros af Ryssgärdet

We let you in on how we go about thinking and planning our litters and our long term thoughts of breeding

We want to make sure to breed mentally stable and healthy cats. The Abyssinian populaton is not that big and the males are scarce , so careful planning is required to match parents to get kittens that can pass on good healthy genes. We want to promote Abyssinian breeding by ensuring that we collaborate with the other breeders helping eachoter out. A lot of hard work and effort is put int to it.

We need to have good supervision and ahead planning to find matching not related males to our femals.

It all goes hand in hand, the cats should be both beautiful to look at (be typical of the breed) but they should above all also be healthy and sound physically and mentally

Sometimes you have to ignore the beautiful and focus on health and the mental part to later in the generations, when you have these pieces in place focus on beauty. A beautiful appearance does not compensate for a cat that you have to spend time and money on at the vets. When bying a cat allways make sure to check healtprograms for the breed

Health comes first at ALL times.