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Quite a must I´d say if you are a breeder, and to be honest it´s a lot of fun too and great netwoeking as well as long as the cats are fine with it all. Not all individuals are siuted to be in the center of comition and attention and that is essential for a show cat.  To be able to show swag and grace and score the most beautypoints. To be cool calm and collected :) in other words!

We are new at this game and our cats has helped us learn and cope and get the hang of things alonside helpful catpeople with friendly advise and a helping hand. We are fortunate to have cats that deals with cartravelling and travelling in the most amazing way. Also staying at hotells and what have you not.

To be a catperson you´ll allways think that your cats are the most beautiful and the best, however it´s a very good thing to be able to get some sort of receipt that you are on the right track as a breeder and my thoughts goes mostly to theese important things: health wize, temper, correct breedstandards and so on.

We look forward presenting great showresults during 2024

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


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