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Abessinians are a medium-sized cat that is slim, agile and muscular and gives an elegant impression. The face should be wedge-shaped with fairly large ears that should be positionated with good width. The ears are wide at the base. The eyes are almond-shaped, expressive, luminous and around the eyes it looks as if they have eyeliner. The color of the eyes varies between amber, yellow or green. The legs should be long and slender with small oval paws. The tail should be fairly long and tapered towards the tip. The coat is easy maintanace - short, supple and dense with double or triple ticking. Ticking means that each strand of hair has two or more color bands - this makes the Abyssinian's fur unique

The colors available are Ruddy Aby (n), Sorrel ABy (o), Blue Aby (a), Fawn Aby (p), Black Silver (ns), Sorrel Silver (os), Blue Silver (as) and Fawn Silver (n) ps). On one of the buttons below, you can click on to Aby & Somalieringen and read further explanations of the different colors